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Well, I had tried match.com and yahoo personals for about three months, with no luck. So, I thought, what do I have to lose by trying Craigslist personals? It's free, and who knows, I might actually meet someone.

Anyhow, I met this one man, who said he liked to stay active, with tennis and swimming. He posted a picture, and was pretty attractive. Well, the person that showed up ...let's just say...I wasn't sure if that was him. I don't know when that picture was taken but let's say, not within the past couple of years!  He was at least 25+ lbs heavier than his picture. So, I thought, I'd give him a chance, but strike two.  He kept staring at other women throughout the date, even pausing the conversation to look at them. Hmm. 

He was sharing a story about his online dating experience. He said one woman drove all the way out from the valley, and said she could only stay long enough to get something to eat, then left. I'm pretty sure she had the same reaction to him as I did.

Basically, I think I'm pretty much done with online dating for awhile. How many bad dates can one person take?!

This date from hell story was submitted by:  Dewi from Los Angeles

Dr. Gooddate's response:

Thanks for sharing your experience Dewi.

A picture is worth a thousand words and in the case of this guy, it's not worth any words!

Sounds like the atypical photo fibber if you ask me, and a classic online disappointment.

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