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Alas, I can let my frustrations out about a recent date! My name is Bill from Ohio. I recently met a very sweet woman online and we set up a date. We met for drinks at a local bar and grill. Everything went pretty well. She was very nice, but seemed to have a little edge to her, and I actually liked it. We parted ways and agreed we would like to go out again.

The very next morning, I got a call from her at about 10am which I thought was strange because it was so early. She thanked me for the nice time and looked forward to hearing back from me. That morning, I was not feeling well and decided to spend the day home from work and in bed so I thought I would call her back later that day after getting some rest.

One hour later - to the minute - she called again. Left basically the same message. One hour later - again to the minute - she called. Now she was getting upset that I didn't seem to be interested in talking to her. Uh oh! Red Flag City baby! I will cut to the chase. By 3:00pm, I had 12 messages on my voice mail, each one more irritating and vulgar than the last. By the final message, she was screaming at the top of her lungs and swearing at me, calling me every name in the book. "How dare you not return my call!". "Who the **** do you think you are?" And those were the nicer messages!

Well my phone was on for the first call and when I went back to sleep, I turned it off. So I awoke to this swarm of voice mails. Needless to say, I didn't go out with her again. I sent her a text message saying "Have a nice life psycho chick". Get this. She replied and accused me of overreacting! I'm laughing now, but it was pretty scary at the time.

Don't judge a book by its cover folks!

This date from hell story was submitted by:  Bill M. from Cleveland

Dr. Gooddate's response:

Holy **** Bill.  You definitely have THE CALLER on your hands here, no doubt about it.

Read about "The Caller" and learn just why they inherited such a title.  There are other definitions I could add to my dating glossary based on this woman's behavior, but I'll restrain myself.

Don't fret Bill, because The Caller is always quick to move onto his or her next "callee".  What is intense, phonecall insanity one minute, usually passes within a couple days.  It's almost a bi-polar type of behavior. 

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