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Well...thought by using a more popular/expensive dating site (the one we see on TV all the time). I'd get a better class of person...someone looking for a relationship vs. a hook-up. I was wrong! I met Keith right before Christmas and he broke his leg a month later. I of course helped take care of him and spent a lot of time with him.

Had a nagging feeling we weren't right for each other. He was a little clingy and seemed a little 'off'.  I had a hug St. Patrick's party at my home with about 50 friends and he came. Since he was finally off crutches he was meeting most of my friends/family for the first time. He got so drunk I had to put him to bed by 9:00.

I checked on him several times, the first time he was puking on my floor without a bowl, the second time I could smell poo in my room (I left quickly) and the third time he was passed out naked across my bed and I had to cover him with a sheet (in case someone went in there for some reason). He woke up at 2:30, woke me up from the couch and wanted me to go in the room and sleep with him. GROSS! i said no nicely and said we'd talk in the am. He kept me awake until 5:30 bothering me, crying and trying to manipulate me into coming into the bed room.

Around 8:30 I awoke and had to physically threaten him to get him to leave. He then proceeded to call me 70 times that day. 15 voicemails, 20-something texts...I ended up blocking him from FB and my cell. Took me a week to completely clean my room between the puke and poo that was on the rugs, wall and bed clothes. He then started emailing me at home and at work. I then found his poopy boxers and a towel of mine hidden away in my room two weeks later!

It's been almost 2 months and he's still reaching out. I had to be horribly mean in an email...report him to the dating site and report him to the local PD...cause you just never know. I think I'm pretty awesome but not this awesome! :)  Hopefully this is the last I've heard from Skidly McPukey! To top it off...this is a 40 year old man!

This date from hell story was submitted by:  Jessica from Worcester, MA

Dr. Gooddate's response:

Jessica, you poor thing!  Skidly McPukey is putting things mildly!  We've heard about countless bad dates, but this is one of the worst date stories I've heard in terms of being disgusting.  In hindsight, I suppose it might be funny now, but I empathize with what you had to go through as it actually transpired.

Seems your nagging feeling that something wasn't right for you was an understatement.  While I say that following your intuition is usually paramount, there are times where your miserable first date or gut feeling could possibly be off, and oftentimes a seemingly go-nowhere relationship can actually blossom.  This is rare, but it does happen.  However, once they start to sh*t the bed and crap their pants - it's probably a good time to throw on a hazmat suit and call it good! 

Saying you made the right decision certainly doen't label me as a genius in this case!  :)

The 70 calls that day definitely make your date a caller!  Read all about The Caller here.

My curiosity has piqued my interest.... did he puke on a carpeted floor or was it hardwood?

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