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I have been on match and Plenty of Fish for a couple of years with very limited success. Most men lie about their age, weight, amount of hair LOL! - and they say women are bad!!

The absolute worst experience I had was with a guy in CT who within a month of meeting him moved in with my teenage daughter and I, began borrowing money from me (I am disabled and can't work-live on only small alimony/child support)!! I paid all my own bills and received food stamps. He bought six packs of beer every couple of days, plus hard liqueur!!

Within a couple of months I advised him that he was wasting money renting (he made a lot of money) and should own a home. He decided he would "buy us a house".  I asked if he loved me and he said that wasn't important. He was willing to live with me and my daughter. He asked me to help him pay off some of his bills to make his credit look better. I had received money from an insurance settlement. I foolishly agreed--but told him it was ONLY if we bought a house, otherwise I wanted the money back.

Of course, you see where this is going. We found a house, he found reasons why he didn't want it, his bills were paid and suddenly he didn't want to buy a house and now he wanted to end the relationship. He gave me back $2k and kept $5k!! I had to take him to small claims court. I finally won 10 months later, and today he pays me $35 a week!!!! I live on food stamps, fuel assistance, lost my home and last month had no heat while he makes over $100k.

To say I am disillusioned would be an understatement. He feels NO REMORSE!! Very hard to trust now.

This date from hell story was submitted by:  Dee from Massachusetts

Dr. Gooddate's response:

Thanks for the story, Dee. Question... Do you REALLY think he makes over $100K per year? With everything he told you, which was clearly a lie, why in the world would you believe this man even has a job?

See, this is my point with everyone who gets scammed on the internet. You find out that everything you're being told is a flat out lie, yet you then pick and choose which of these things is actually "true". Guess what? NONE of it is true. You have been played like a fiddle by someone who has blatantly disregarded your hardships and well being for his own gains. Think about it: He makes more than $100K per year, yet he's borrowing money from someone who has lost everything? I don't think so!

I'd say this man has no integrity but that would be an understatement. He took advantage of a kind person who wants nothing more than love in her life. But the sad thing is that you didn't put the brakes on at the very first red flag.

I'm terribly sorry to hear about your story Dee, but there is a lesson to be learned in everything we do. And unfortunately, the greatest lessons learned often come from being completely scammed in the world of internet dating.

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