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A charming 36 year old "divorced" man listed as having 3+ children contacted me via Match.com. He emailed me several times over the course of a couple of weeks (quoting Russian poetry, etc.), provided me with his name, personal email address, home address, and links to a few youtube videos he posted online that substantiated his story about being a well traveled high school science teacher.

We spoke on the phone several times before meeting. During our conversations I learned that he actually had six children (2 from his first marriage and 4 from his second marriage to a woman who left him for another woman) Never having dated a man with children, I tried to keep an open mind about his situation - that is until I learned the real story. Upon meeting him in person, he admitted to being only 5'9 in height and not 5'11 as he posted on his profile (To say that he was only pushing 5'8 would be generous). He wanted to be in a "relationship" with me immediately rather than "just date" because he was so certain of our potential. Additionally, he admitted to not having the financial resources to pay for future dates since all of his money needed to go to raising his children (he used 1/2 off coupons on our first date to a local rock climbing gym).

Apparently his "ex-wife" was not happy about him dating other women, referred to anyone he dated as being a "skanky ho", and she disallowed women he dated from visiting their shared home. Then I learned that he and his wife / exwife? still lived together (to "co-parent" and for the kids sake), and even slept in the same bed. He even had his wife's feminine hygiene products in the glove compartment of their shared messy car. When questioned about his life he would back-pedal and make all kinds of lame excuses. Needless to say, I no longer trust online dating sites. His profile is still active.

This date from hell story was submitted by:  Patty from Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Gooddate's response:

Oh Patty, where should I begin?  Do I start with the height lie, the children lie, the more-than-likely divorced lie?  None of the above!  We all love a good coupon but on a first date?  OUCH!

And of course, he's ready to dive right into a committed relationship while admitting he's got no money and just happens to share a bed with his "ex"-wife.  I guess he's used to "Russian" into things, isn't he?  Sorry. I had to get that one out of the way!

I have oh so much I can comment on here, but I think it's better left unsaid.  You've pretty much spelled it all out here, and there's not a single thing in your story that I couldn't have a field day with.  Let's just hope he and his bed-partner are not expecting his 7th child any time soon. But guess what?  I won't be surprised when that happens!

Glad you moved on and also glad you didn't jump from the rock wall!

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