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The worst online dating disaster was when I met a man who told me he was "not married anymore". I wasn't initially attracted to him, but he was so nice that I found myself dating him for almost 6 weeks before he decided to explain that he was not legally divorced yet.

This relationship went on for about 7 months while I offered friendship and love only to discover that he had been pursuing another relationship with a woman online who he is now in a relationship with. This man is currently undergoing psychological therapy in addition to a nasty divorce/custody battle! It was a nightmare for me! Unfortunately, months of deception kept me from seeing the truth until the other woman finally identified herself on Myspace as his new love interest.

What a nightmare this was for me! This man showered me and my children in gifts, etc..... Ladies, Beware! Heed your intuition upfront! I should have listened to mine.

A physical assault is against the law and you can press charges against another for harming you. However, an emotional and psychological assault is not against the law but requires you to suffer sometimes for months trying to recover from the abuse.

This date from hell story was submitted by:  Laura from MS

Dr. Gooddate's response:

Thanks for sharing your bad dating experience Laura.

Live and learn, that's what I always say. First thought is that he said he wasn't married anymore. When a person is truly ready for dating and/or a new relationship, he or she would typically divulge that they have been DIVORCED for x number of years. Simply telling you he isn't married anymore raises red flags right there. It indicates either deception OR that he is in fact really not married, but the separation or divorce was very recent.

Aside from looking out for red flags, especially when it comes to cheaters and cheating husbands, perhaps a background check was in order? If you cannot clearly see the red flags, then I suggest doing a complete and thorough background check. As a matter of fact, divorce records are public and can easily be obtained online.

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