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I had recently moved to a new town for my job and didn't know anyone so I thought I'd try online dating. Started chatting to a 33 year old guy off a local New Zealand site, he seemed really polite, had a picture which I wouldn't say was especially attractive, just average or less than average to be honest. But I thought I'd give him the benefit of the doubt.

Anyway, I lost touch but about 6 months later, he texts me again, asking me out and says he'd like to treat me to a night out. He agreed to pay for everything, so I drove out to his place (took 2 damn hours). First impressions were not great. He was slightly shorter than me and didn't have the most attractive face but he had an okay body. His dress sense was not too impressive though (he's a mechanic who lives in his own garage o-0).

Alarm bells started to go off as soon as we drove into the city, the conversation was forced. He started telling me about having lost his grandmother recently and how he had totally broken down at the funeral and also about a cousin recently kicking the bucket (Who the **** says this sorta stuff on the first date).  So I ask him what his favourite movies and music are and his response is really vague.

Anyway I had specifically told him that I was not interested in anything serious, I'm too young to settle. So we book into our hotel, it cost $300 per night which of course he paid for. We were meant to head out for drinks and a night out but we decided just to have a bottle of wine at the hotel. Anyway one thing led to another and we ended up sleeping together which was fine by me, I wasn't after anything more than sex.

So the next morning we part ways and I agree to meet him again. Anyway two weeks later, I change my mind and text him saying 'thanks for the night out but I'm not interested in going further'

He turns into the ULTIMATE ROTTEN REJECTEE. The sweet, laid back, nice guy I'd thought he was, totally vanishes and in it's place is this ugly, bitter, mean thing. He starts texting me saying he knows all my details (absolute lies, I never gave him my address or email) and that he'll email my work place and my family naked photos of me that he'd taken while I was asleep (more lies, I'd hardly slept, there certaintly weren't any of them). He calls me a manipulative b!tch, a liar and a heartbreaker. He says 'How can you break my heart like this, I gave you everything' All this after ONE date. O N E date :-O

He then has the nerve to say that 'I owe him' and that he has the receipt from the hotel. I text him giving him just as much crap, I tell him to **** off, leave me alone and my last text was 'you need professional help'

He texted me a couple more times after that but eventually stopped after I didn't reply.

I hope I never hear from him again. This has taught me a lesson to at least have a several skype sessions with a guy before meeting and also to meet in a safe public place. All I'd wanted was a quick one nighter, instead I get one CREEP that just can't take the hint and starts THREATENING me.

*SIGH. you just can't win sometimes :(

This date from hell story was submitted by:  Naive Girl from New Zealand

Dr. Gooddate's response:

Hello "Naive Girl",

Forget the fact that he is definitely a rotten rejectee and a vindictive S.O.B.  If you weren't attracted to him, an he didn't seem to be your type, then why did you sleep with him? 

The rotten rejectee is going to be rotten, vindictive, threatening and out of control regardless of what you did on your "date".  The sex has nothing to do with the fact that the guy is clearly a jerk.

Since you weren't really attracted to him, I can only say this:  Even if you're out for a quick roll in the hay, and nothing more, why don't you try raising your standards? 

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