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The Perfect Date, The Perfect Boyfriend Turns Violent

I met this guy online at Match.com, and quickly he wanted to meet. So we start dating, and I must confess...there were a few things that should have alerted me, but anytime I would mention them, he would blow it off as "no big deal".

So things are going well, and he starts to pressure me to move in with him. I am in love, so I do.

Within 2 weeks he changed completely. Psycho behavior pretty much. So my friend looks him up online, no surprise, harassment charges, domestic violence, restraining orders, etc. Then, I get scared because I am living in HIS house, and know that he is not going to let me leave peacefully.

So I call the local Police Station, and as soon as I gave the officer the street I live on...he immediately knows the guy I am talking about! And tells me there are 6 pages of reports from a prior girl that lived there. He threw her and her 2 kids out and did not allow them to even get their clothes or toys...nothing! Then, this guy drove around the next night threatening to kill himself..(which he threatened that with me a dozen times too) and had half of the city Police officers chasing him!

Needless to say, I filed a restraining order, hired a moving company, and got my stuff out of there while he was at work. Of course the stalking and harassment continued for months. But I am free now and very very happy.

Lesson learned. Do a little research; check online court websites, even pay $20-$30 to an online background check website. It will be money well spent! Oh and one more thing, he got kicked off of Match.com ...too many complaints from girls he dated...go figure.

This date from hell story was submitted by:  Lee from OH

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