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With only days until my online dating subscription expired, I received a short but slightly charming email from a handsome man. It seemed like it was worth my $30 to have this email sent. I responded.

A few exchanges, phone numbers, and texts exchanged, we met for drinks. He was even more handsome in real life which is all too often not the case.

We dated for a few weeks, and I started to notice that I was paying for every date. Drinks. Dinner. And we were new daters during December which meant the ever awkard decision to exchange gifts.

For him, I bought a massage membership, an engraved keychain, and a designer belt. My turn. I received a DVD with the price tag still attached ($3.99), a homemade necklace, and he wrote me a song about the way I smelled (yeah). Quietly disappointed, I said nothing because we hadn't discussed the actual budget limits of Christmas shopping.

Then, we moved on to New Years in which he took me to a party out of state. This, I thought, would cancel the past month of my spending. I would be treated. Yeah!

Nope. His mother paid for the hotel. We drove my car. I paid and pumped the gas. Longest two days of my life.

After we returned, I called the next day to break it off. After several attempts of trying to politely tell him "it's not you, it's me." I broke. After all, at this point, I was literally, broke.

Several unanswered texts, emails, and voice mails later, I thought he was finally done attempting to reconcile or justify. That's when I received the email. He had taken the time to break down the costs of every dollar he had spent on me in the course of six weeks. Furthermore, he felt that I should realize my mistake, and we should reconcile. Rather than attempting to assuage his ego or continue correspondence, I posted exerpts on Facebook, and forwarded the letter to my best friends.

Since then, any time we go out for drinks, my friends tell me that I owe them $6.50 for the drink, $5.00 for gas, and $1000 for emotional damages. I think he's still single if anyone is looking to make a physical investment.

This date from hell story was submitted by:  Amber from Richmond, VA

Dr. Gooddate's response:

One word will sum this up, and then I'll get into my opinion:  YIKES!

Since he was so kind as to provide you with his itemized list of expeditures during your whirlwind love affair, why don't you just reply with an invoice for him and itemize all of your expenses as well.  Then you can deduct the costs he passed onto you (minus the 'emotional damages' of course - OMG) and request a certified check for payment.  Something tells me you'll come out on the winning end of that exchange.

First of all, the 'emotional damages' made me pee my pants.  That's hilarious.  If he's suffering emotionally from a relationship that was this short lived, can you imagine the funds he'd seek if someone dumped him after 3 or 4 years.  OUCH!  You'd need to take out a second mortgage just to cover his emotional instability and therapy costs!

Now as for you Ms. Amber ..... WHY in the world did you continue to foot the bill for Mr. Hole-in-the-pockets time after time after time?  What were you thinking?  It isn't even about you laying out money. It's more about the fact that he has no money to ever contribute nor help in any way.  For God's sake... HIS MOTHER PAID FOR THE GAS AND HOTEL.  His mother?!?!!? Are you kidding me?!?!

Forget about the money.  Forget about the bill he wanted to send you. Forget about the "emotional damages" this poor troll has suffered (LOL!).  What about the friggin AUDACITY of this moron!  To sit back idly and allow you to pay his way and never address it, never offer and never even consider the fact that maybe he can chip in.  Well here's the kicker: He's probably not nearly as stupid as he looks and I'm sure he pulls the same stunt with all of his dating "victims".  You wouldn't be the first.  However, you may have tolerated in the longest!

This jackass either has the social skills of a dung beetle or the ego of a GQ model.  I can't figure out which one.  Either way, he's a loser, plain and simple.  Nevertheless, you should have hit the road after having to lay out one cent on the first date.  That's a huge red flag right there.  So when you continued paying for everything.... tisk tisk tisk Amber.  You should have known better.

Next date - leave your wallet home.  And remember, send him an invoice!

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