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Don't Throw the 'L' Word Around So Easily

IN LOVE TOO SOON? Stop falling in love with everyone you meet!

Listen up guys and girls.  You met someone new.  Your dates are amazing.  You click like never before - although if you think back, you've probably clicked like this several times if not many time.  It's just that you are in the "now" and like always, you think "this" is different.  Well it's not.  Love takes time.  Love takes respect, growth, learning, sharing and togetherness.  Like it or not, more than likely, you are infatuated.  Yes, you are "in lust".  Let time pass before you spew at the mouth with the "I Love You's".  There's plenty of time for that.  As time passes in your life, with age, wisdom and experience, you will come to know the difference between love and infatuation.

I'm just so tired of hearing how in love someone is after just a few weeks or months of knowing a person.  No people, you are not in love yet, but you are infatuated and that is not necessarily a bad thing.  Think back to the times you felt like this in the past, or the times your friends may have felt the same way only to watch a brand new love wither away before your eyes.  It is also important to keep in mind that you might just scare the crap out of the person for whom you're about to exclaim your never-ending love.  Don't be in such a rush to force things.  Remember, you met online and you haven't known this person for a very long time.  Are there exceptions to this? Of course there are.  There are couples who have met, had an instant spark and have now been married for many years.  But I'll let you know that even they weren't in love in those first few months.  The relationship may have blossomed into true love, but still, they were not in love right off the bat.  Feeling the joy, bliss and pleasure of that new, early "love" is amazing, trust me, I know. 

Put the right side of your brain aside and use the more calculating, scientific, logical side for a moment.  Everything feels great, but again, please don't tell me you are in love so quickly.  Be patient and give a new relationship time to evolve before overlooking what is important early on.  If you feel the need to say "I Love You" early on, I recommend keeping your mouth shut and substituting the words "I really care for you and enjoy our time together" in its place.

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