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Bad Day? Bad Mood? Postpone the First Date!

Leave your negative baggage at home and stay there with it if necessary!

Unless you're dating a martyr or an emotionally miserable individual - which I don't recommend - the one thing you don't want to bring to a first date is negativity.  It's draining, it's downbeat and it is negatively memorable if this is your first date.  Oftentimes, I will arrive on a first date only to hear my date ramble on about her work issues, her car problems, her problematic child, her crazy family, etc.  Enough!  We all have baggage and bad days, some less than others.  But on a first date, do I really need to hear this? 

Everybody experiences good and not-so-good every day of their lives.  Just don't bring it to the first date.  For one thing, you don't even know the person well enough yet to dump your junk on him or her.  Secondly, the energy we emit is highly impactful on a subconscious level, whether it be positive or negative energy.  Don't be the person who always responds to "how are you today?"  with a negative spin on everything.  Have you ever seen the Debby Downer sketches on Saturday Night Live?  Don't be her! 

A first date is meant to be a springboard for a potential relationship.  If you're full of negativity, the springboard will break when you jump and you'll fall flat on your face.  Keep the date upbeat, positive and energetic.  If your day was so bad that it impacts how you feel and interact with others, postpone the first date.  If you are capable of taking some time to decompress and unwind before the date, and feel you can approach the situation feeling good, then by all means go for it.  If, however, you find yourself dwelling negatively over anything, just let your date know you will need to reschedule.

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