Internet Dating Glossary

Undoubtedly many of you will not recognize the terms we attribute to lousy internet daters, but certainly, many of you will recognize the signs and symptoms and have probably experienced these types of people during your online dating endeavors.

"The Endless Emailer"

The guy or girl you meet online who emails obsessively - so much so - that it has you somewhat frightened!

Yikes! Hold onto your horses internet daters.  The Endless Emailer should have you running once he or she is detected!  Some people just don't have the personal nor social skills necessary to date, let alone date on the internet. 

The Online personals game and internet dating can be tricky because you're delving into contact and conversation that you would typically not even explore with someone you meet while you're out.  This is because online dating gives us down time and dead time before we meet the person, so oftentimes way too much is spoken before a couple meets for the first time.  This opens up the door to the possibility of meeting an Endless Emailer.

The Endless Emailer takes The Caller to an electronic level.  Be ABSOLUTELY SURE TO NOT EVER give your phone number to an Endless Emailer.  If you do you will have The Caller to deal with as well.  The Endless Emailer not only emails incessantly, but the emails often get longer and longer, and usually display the sender's lack of self-esteem and continuous search for happiness in anyone that will occupy their time. 

A natural Endless Emailer doesn't care if he/she writes until his or her fingers break off.  They just write and write and write - unaware of the fact that the recipient has probably already considered a restraining order.  However, be very wary of the Infant Endless Emailer.  This is an endless emailer who hasn't yet achieved the ranks of Endless Emailer just yet, and feels somewhat foolish about the barrage of emails he or she has sent.  This person means well, but it's probably too late to get back in your good graces.  In an effort to save face, and remove himself from the deepest depths of idiocy, this person will construct a well-planned (typically 30 seconds of brainless thought) email trying to cover his or her ass for all the previous (and usually annoying) emails he/she sent.  This feeble attempt at saving face usually fails, unless you're an idiot and accept (or believe) their stupid excuse for jamming up the internet with all the emails they just sent.  Hence, the name "Idiot's Guide"! 

Diagnosis:  Insecure, Immature, Pushy, Needy, Lonely. 

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Dating Glossary for Idiots

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