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Am I implying you're an idiot if you have to refer to this glossary of internet dating terms? Absolutely Not. This list of online dating definitions is merely a list of terms that can easily help you to identify an internet date from hell before it happens and will allow you to either avoid the date completely or get out while you still have your sanity! Undoubtedly many of you will not recognize the terms we attribute to lousy internet daters, but certainly, many of you will recognize the signs and symptoms and have probably experienced these types of people during your online dating endeavors.

"The Snooper"

The name says it all. The snooper will invade your privacy at any cost to relieve and appease his or her own dating insecurities.

Quick Update before you read:  I have had The Snooper in this glossary for a while now.  I had heard so many stories about snoopers, and I loved them all, hence the inclusion in this glossary.  I was delighted to see a featured story on The Today Show that revolved entirely around Bad Dates and a whole piece dedicated to what we call The Snooper!  This aired on The Today Show on January 29, 2008.  You might want to check it out after reading our discussion on The Snooper.

Ooh!  This one's a doozie!  I couldn't believe all of the snooper stories I heard from people meeting on the internet and in singles chat rooms, until I experienced a snooper of my own.

If you're familiar with the show MAD TV, then let me just say The Snooper is a "sneaky snake"!  He or she will stop at nothing to pry into your business.  That means looking over your shoulder at emails, popping into your email account when you step out of the room and even looking through your cell phone call list when you're not around.  Sound crazy?  It happened to me, and we will be featuring a story in our Online Dating Disaster Stories section that one of our visitors submitted.  In my case, I was on a second date with someone I met on a singles website.  I excused myself to use the restroom.  I returned to find her going through my cell phone address book and looking at all the names, numbers and pictures I had stored!  Best of all, she thought nothing of it.  She just did it.  She snooped!  Yes while she was a Queen Snooper, this trait applies mostly to men that you meet on the internet, and even those you meet in person.

The Snooper is distrustful, which in a nutshell means, he or she cannot be trusted.  Regardless of your moral character and how straight and narrow it may be, The Snooper tries endlessly to seek out something bad about you and/or your behavior.  No matter how much you look for love, and no matter how badly you want to find the right person and experience great romantic dates, you do not need to be involved with a snooper.  Things will only get worse if the snooping begins early in the relationship.  The Snooper is accusatory and distrustful to the point that a male snooper would probably accuse a nun of cheating on him - if nuns were allowed to date of course! 

The Snooper is not very common in the world of internet dating, but they do exist.  This is just a warning to keep your eyes open and your personal property hidden!  And if you find out that you do in fact have a Snooper on your hands ... head for the door at your very first opportunity because a Snooper is unacceptable in any relationship of any length, let alone a new relationship just formed via the internet.

Diagnosis:  Distrustful, Disrespectful, Jealous, Potential Stalker, Nosey, Accusatory

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