Internet Dating Glossary

Dealing with internet dating emails is difficult enough but now the spammers have gotten into the game as well. Here is what to look for when you receive these fraudulent dating emails.

"The Nonexistent Date"

The dating website spambots - or phony personals replies that come from a robot and not an actual person.

There is much to be said about internet spam and the fact that more than 70% of the correspondence that travels the web each day is fake, phony, nonsense:  SPAM!  Well don't look now, but spam has hit the world of internet dating and it is growing at a rapid rate.  Free dating sites are crawling with bogus people whom I refer to as The Nonexistent Date.

You've probably all been there.  Men especially fall victim to the Nonxistent Date because too many men so easily convince themselves that each response they receive or each ad they respond to will produce "the one".  How many times have you replied to an ad only to receive a form letter or spam reply telling you to visit the woman on a particular website?  This is prevalent on sites that offer dating and personal services at no cost such as Craig's List, mySpace and many more.  This happens to the ladies too, but not as often as it does the men.

The response you receive goes something like this:  "Hi there! Thank you for replying to my ad. I have gotten so many replies that it is difficult to write to everyone.  So to make this easy, please visit my online profile at and look for my profile under sexyjenny.  If you are interested you can contact me through that site."  Ay Caramba!!!  Does anyone still believe this crap?  Well apparently someone does because these pay sites (frequently adult sex sites) are making plenty of coin off the suckers out there.  Come on ladies and gentleman, get real!  The person who wrote to you does not exist, hence, "The Nonexistent Date"

If a woman or man is writing to you or replying to your response with a link to another website, this person is a fraud, plain and simple (With few exceptions. See below).  If someone is interested in you, they will not direct you to a website that includes ads and posts from hundreds of other people.  Exceptions to this would be sites like MySpace, Facebook or similar public profile type sites.  over the years, I have found that MySpace is actually a good resource for the world of internet dating because singles already have their photos and vitals in their profile.  I have actually met women online who pointed me to their profile on MySpace so I could learn all I needed to know about them.  However, they at least had the decency to write some semblance of a nice response to me, and then explained that instead of rewriting all of their information, it may be easier for me to visit their MySpace profile and then reply if I was interested. Other than sites like MySpace, the rest of the replies that direct you to external links all scams. 

Don't be a sucker and do not pay a dime to any of these sites that the Nonexistent Dater refers you to!

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