Internet Dating Glossary

Going on internet dates is often made worse by a loser who cannot take "no" for an answer and cannot stand to be rejected. We have almost all experienced this in our online dating endeavors.

"The Rotten Rejectee"

Ladies (and some men), you've all been there. This is the person whom you do not reply to, or you explain your lack of interest, and he basically goes ballistic on you!

Ladies, you no doubt know who the Rotten Rejectee is.  Guys, you know this too but clearly have not experienced this as much as the ladies.  This person is someone I cannot tolerate, and all too often, I hear more stories about the guy or girl who cannot handle being ignored or rejected - no matter how nicely the rejection might be presented.

First we have the Email Rotten Rejectee.  This is the guy or girl who writes to you and if you don't reply to them, they get hostile in a follow-up email usually saying something like this:  "Why don't you write back to me?  Do you think you're so hot that you can't take a moment to reply!?!  You girls (or guys) are all the same!".  Clearly, you should delete, and block this person if you can.  This happens all the time and given enough time, the person will write again!  So block them ASAP.  Trust me, you'll be glad you did.  God forbid you do write back and say something like "thank you for writing, but you aren't my type"!  Uh Oh!  Head for the hills because this is fuel for the Rotten Rejectee's fire!

The second type of Rotten Rejectee is the person whom you actually date once or twice before deciding they're not for you.  You try to be nice and let them down easy, but to no avail.  The Rotten Rejectee must lash out in a vindictive way by cursing you, demeaning you, sometimes emailing you incessantly telling you how you weren't up to their standards anyway!  This is classic Rotten Rejectee behavior.  It is selfish, self-serving, immature and shows utter disrespect.  This person acts as if the entire world should be centering around this loser! 

This is why I always say it takes time to know someone.  I have heard too many instances of how wonderful a person is, just up until the time you choose not to see them again.  That is when their true colors shine through and you begin to better understand this wonderful world of internet dating morons!

Diagnosis:  Disrespectful, Insecure, Selfish, Self-Centered, Egotistical, Narcissistic, A**hole  :)

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