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Internet Dating and the Online Personals scene could be much simpler than it probably is.  Pay attention to the signs and reference the dating glossary terms as often as is needed!

"The All-About-Me Dater"

You are speaking, but everything you are saying goes in one ear and out the other as the selfish ego of your date cannot wait to tell you more and more and more and more about him/herself.

Many of us have been there in our dating lives, and fortunately, some have not.  Dating and relationships are a two-way street, yet many single people in search of a quality relationship cannot seem to realize that their egotistical, self-serving ways may just be the brick wall that stands between them and a satisfying relationship.

Have you ever been on a date where you just cannot get a word in edgewise?  Perhaps you are managing to speak but what you are saying is clearly falling on deaf ears.  Certainly we've run across people who are a bit nervous, jittery or over talkative so they are pretty much incapable of shutting their mouths for more than ten seconds. In some cases, this is tolerable early on, because nerves can definitely put your date on edge. When this continues beyond the early part of a first meeting however, you are more than likely in for trouble.

I have known and dated people who are "all about me" people.  They never hear what you're saying, they rarely remember anything you told them and regardless of the topic you are discussing, they always find a way to immediately relate that topic to their own experiences or sadly enough, change the subject entirely to bring the discussion and focus back to themselves.  This can be more than just a personality flaw. It can be A.D.D., it can be seriously low self-esteem or it could simply be that the person cares about nothing but himself or herself.  Take note of these traits early and often because a relationship is give and take.

When your date is constantly yapping and you are taking, taking, taking and taking all the crap your ears can absorb before they explode off of your head, it's probably time to make this your final date.  Now gentleman, I don't care how hot she is.  Ladies, I don't care how many wonderful qualities he seems to have.  Any long-lasting relationship will be heavily based on your ability to communicate with one another.  When your date is the one doing all the communicating because he or she won't stop to take a breath, then all of the other amazing qualities this person possesses will not be enough to sustain a relationship.  Sorry, but it's time to leave.  You are better off letting the all-about-me person saturate someone else's ear canals with their incessantly selfish rants, stories and tales of woe.  If you do not recognize this and you fail to leave the relationship, then in time you may just become so used to "giving the floor" to someone else so frequently that you will not be able to carry a conversation nor participate in one when the need arises. 

Diagnosis:  Selfish, Egotistical, Most likely harbors deep insecurities and low self-esteem

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