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Well....I have been waiting for on outlet to vent my frustrations about a recent experience! I met this guy named Lou online through a personals site. We talked for weeks and sent pictures. He seemed so nice and sweet and his picture was gorgeous!! Finally after weeks of email and phone calls, we agreed to meet at the Starbucks close to my house.

I sat there excited and waiting. In walks this old and fat gentleman...not at all like the picture, unless it was taken tweny years ago!! He walks right up to me and says, "Jessica?" I was stunned for about a minute...literally could not speak. This man before me was old enough to be my grandfather!! So, after a minute of sitting there stunned I said, "No, I am sorry....I'm Beth." I took my coffee and hightailed it out of there!

I received several nasty emails from him over the next few days....but I could never respond! EEEWWWW!! Didn't he think I would notice the difference between him and his photo????

This date from hell story was submitted by:  Jessica from Texas

Dr. Gooddate's response:

Oh Jessica, you poor thing.  Nothing I can say other than this happens a LOT - to both men and women.

You've got the classic photo fibber on your hands and you've also got a rotten rejectee out in full force.  

Learn more about these terms on our glossary page.  You'll need them!

I loved your quick thinking and spur of the moment name change!  Honestly though, I would have recommended being up front and honest with him and admitting that it was you.  After all, you were in a public place so you had people around you and a bit of safety in that alone.  The only way to stop the photo fibbers is to stop them in their tracks and confront them head on.  If it had been me, I just would have let him know he misrepresented himself, and I would have thanked him for coming out.

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