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The world of online dating isn't an easy one. Be armed, be prepared, be forewarned and you might just end up meeting the love of your life!

The information on this website should enlighten you as to the possibilities and pitfalls of meeting a stranger on the internet. At the very least, I hope to arm you with mental and emotional ammunition to better prepare yourself for a potential online dating disaster, as well as open you up to the possibility of meeting your soul mate by better recognizing the signs of a good mate and a quality date!

At the same time, I hope to entertain you and possibly make you laugh at the common mistakes you've made, or perhaps help your friend recognize his or her mistakes when it comes to internet dating. Information on this site can also be applied to the real world of dating, but we focus mainly on the online connections that millions are making on the various dating and personals websites.

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"...he was puking on my floor without a bowl ... the second time I could smell poo in my room..."

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