Internet Dating Glossary

Internet Dating and the Online Personals scene could be much simpler than it probably is.  Pay attention to the signs and reference the dating glossary terms as often as is needed!

"The Caller"

The Telephone Obsessive Boyfriend or Girlfriend before they've even earned that title!

We all need to be aware when we meet The Caller.  As we say, internet dating should not be so difficult nor complicated.  However, The Caller doesn't help matters any.  As a matter of fact, when you learn more about The Caller, you will probably smarten up and be in less of a rush to give out your telephone number to someone you barely know.  Want to take the first steps toward a successful relationship that starts online? Then pay attention and be aware of characteristics of people you meet through the internet personals or internet dating sites.

We've probably all been there.  The Caller is the man or woman (usually the man) who takes it upon himself or herself to invade your space and privacy by phoning incessantly without restraint once getting your phone number.  Sure, you may have had a fantastic opening conversation or two after connecting on one of the many internet dating websites - but now there's no holding back on his or her part.  Your phone rings over and over and over, to the point of becoming frightening.  Perhaps the worst trait of The Caller is that he or she lacks respect.  When you call a person, and leave a voice mail, you have to respect that person's life enough that he or she will return your call WHEN they can and IF they desire.  The Caller has no consideration for this; Continuing to call and leave messages.  Or, perhaps, leaves one or more voice messages, but still calls you uncontrollably and just hangs up when your voice mail or answering machine answers.  The dreaded ending to The Caller's childish behavior can be summed up best by the Seinfeld answering machine episode when George becomes totally incensed that his so-called "girlfriend" has not returned his call, that he ultimately goes ballistic on her via voice mail, only to find out later on that the woman was out of town and was unable to get to a phone or check her voice mail.  It's a classic. 

Dater Beware:  If you have a Caller on your hands, be sure to turn your ringer off when you go to bed.  The Caller will traditionally try the late-night call assuming you MUST be available at such a late hour.  You must realize that like many of the people who fit the terms on this list, The Caller is completely inconsiderate and would probably try to call you in the operating room while you're undergoing open heart surgery - even though the two of you have never met!!!  Consider yourself warned and run like the dickens from The Caller!

Diagnosis:  Inconsiderate, Insecure, Immature, Obsessive, Controlling, Pushy, Needy, Lonely.

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